[Nut-upsuser] Getting 'Data stale' error with bcmxcp_usb for a PowerWare 5115 on OSX

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Fri Mar 5 15:14:31 UTC 2010

Good morning,

On 5/03/10 at 1:51 PM +0100, Arjen de Korte 
<nut+devel at de-korte.org> wrote:

>Citeren Charlie Garrison <garrison at zeta.org.au>:
>>What can I do to troubleshoot this problem (assuming it should 
>>work to begin with)?
>We need to know where the staleness warning is coming from 
>first (driver, server or client). Run the server in debug mode 
>for a while to see what it reports:
>/path/to/upsd -DDD
>Note the three D's here (not more, not less).

Thanks for the suggestion. Is the following useful information?

$ sudo /usr/local/ups/sbin/upsd -DDD
Network UPS Tools upsd 2.4.3-2392
    0.000000 listen_add: added
    0.000526 listen_add: added
    0.001474 setuptcp: try to bind to port 3493
    0.002837 listening on port 3493
    0.003746 setuptcp: try to bind to port 3493
    0.004509 listening on port 3493
    0.055554 Connected to UPS [powerware5115]: bcmxcp_usb-powerware5115
    0.117777 mainloop: polling 3 filedescriptors
    0.131883 mainloop: polling 3 filedescriptors
    0.142788 mainloop: polling 3 filedescriptors
    0.145333 UPS [powerware5115]: dump is done
    0.148405 sstate_dead: driver for UPS [powerware5115] says 
data is stale
    0.149891 Data for UPS [powerware5115] is stale - check driver
    0.152276 mainloop: polling 3 filedescriptors
    2.153611 mainloop: no data available
    2.154148 sstate_dead: driver for UPS [powerware5115] says 
data is stale
    2.154699 mainloop: polling 3 filedescriptors
^C  26.002941   mainloop: Interrupted system call
   26.004085 Signal 2: exiting

And I've found more info while testing which hopefully is a 
clue. If I start the driver with either of these commands:

$ sudo /usr/local/ups/bin/upsdrvctl start
$ sudo /usr/local/ups/bin/bcmxcp_usb -a powerware5115

Then I get the 'data stale' error. But if I start the driver with:

$ sudo /usr/local/ups/bin/bcmxcp_usb -D -a powerware5115

Then I can run upsc and get an answer. So it works when running 
with driver in debug mode.


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