[Nut-upsuser] FYI: HP R3000XR

Brother Railgun of Reason alaric at caerllewys.net
Fri Sep 17 11:28:36 UTC 2010

I posted earlier about a problem with a HP R3000XR that was showing 
abnormally low charge a couple of days after replacing the battery pack.  
For those with R3000XRs, the progblem seems to be:

(1) while you CAN hot-swap the battery-pack on an R3000XR, the UPS 
    automatically goes into bypass mode when you do so;
(2) it doesn't necessarily come OUT of bypass mode after you install the 
    new battery pack;
(3) while in bypass mode, it appears it DOES NOT charge the batteries.

A couple of days ago, I shut down all the machines on the UPS, powered 
off the UPS for a couple of minutes, then brought everything back up.  
The UPS brought the batteries back up to full charge and, so far, has 
kept them within a couple of percentage points of full ever since 
(charge level is fluctuating between about 98.3% and 100%).

So, it appears NUT doesn't have to recalibrate in any way after swapping 
out a battery pack; but the UPS itself DOES need to reset.

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