[Nut-upsuser] Tripp Lite Smart Pro SMX1500SLT / SMARTINT1500 - not identified via serial port

z6 z6 at pobox.com
Sun Sep 19 12:40:36 UTC 2010

 I have an SMX1500SLT running on USB just fine. I not want to buy/add a
SMARTINT1500. However before doing so I was trying to make sure there
was a chance it would work under Nut.

The SMX1500SLT has both serial and USB, but the SMARTINT1500 has only
serial. I was therefore trying to switch the SMX1500SLT to serial to
ensure the server comms were ok, and that there was some chance that the
SMARTINT1500 would work. But...

The Nut Tripplite driver will not communicate with the SMX1500SLT on the
serial port. It just says that it failed to identify a ups. Using strace
I can see it trying a number of times to send :W to the serial port, but
nothing comes back. To check the port and cable I ran up the Tripp Lite
PALD program, which did communicate ok over the serial port.

I'm not too worried about using the existing SMX1500SLT on serial - it
works just fine on USB. My question is whether I will be able to use the
SMARTINT1500 at all... It actually has two serial ports - one for full
operation and one for contact only. Obviously I really want to have the
full operation...

Anyone know if the SMARTINT1500 is going to work?

I'm using the latest from svn - 2.4.3-2524.

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