[Nut-upsuser] Unsupported UPS Orvaldi 520PL?

Milan Knížek knizek.confy at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 04:44:54 UTC 2011


I am new to UPS stuff, please be patient with me ;-)

Archlinux i686, kernel 3.0-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT.
nut 2.6.1 installed from source via Arch's AUR repository.
Mother board GA D525TUD with two serial ports, both enabled in BIOS.

I got some old Orvaldi 520 PL UPS [1], which is supposed to be
supported by the vendor [2] with sw called UPSmart. The statically
compiled i386 binary ran but did not detect the UPS.

I also tried openupsmart [2] (obsolete now), but UPS was not detected.

Since NUT compatibility list shows some success with blazer_ser driver
for some other Orvaldi UPS, I gave it a try on both ttyS0 and ttyS1 -
but no success (see the log below).

I have also read about the cable variants and their configuration in NUT
- Orvaldi uses some special serial cable with pins like shown here [4],
which is not described on NUT doc pages. 

If there is any chance it could be supported by NUT, can anybody give
some idea how to move on?


[1] http://orvaldi.pl/index.php/pl/product_catalog/product_view/1/6
[2] http://en.orvaldi.com/index.php/en/article_constant/21
[3] http://openupsmart.sourceforge.net/
[4] http://www.orvaldi.com.pl/2/file/DB9_pod_UPSmart.zip

Log produced by blazer_ser:
# /usr/bin/blazer_ser -DDD -a orvaldi
Network UPS Tools - Megatec/Q1 protocol serial driver 1.51 (2.6.1)
   0.000000	debug level is '3'
   0.100934	Trying megatec protocol...
   0.101133	send: Q1
   1.102312	read: timeout
   1.102365	blazer_status: short reply
   1.102385	Status read 1 failed
   1.102495	send: Q1
   2.103575	read: timeout
   2.103624	blazer_status: short reply
   2.103643	Status read 2 failed
   2.103771	send: Q1
   3.104865	read: timeout
   3.104915	blazer_status: short reply
   3.104934	Status read 3 failed
   3.104951	Trying mustek protocol...
   3.105076	send: QS
   4.106150	read: timeout
   4.106195	blazer_status: short reply
   4.106215	Status read 1 failed
   4.106321	send: QS
   5.107395	read: timeout
   5.107442	blazer_status: short reply
   5.107462	Status read 2 failed
   5.107571	send: QS
   6.108643	read: timeout
   6.108689	blazer_status: short reply
   6.108708	Status read 3 failed
   6.108726	Trying megatec/old protocol...
   6.108832	send: D
   7.109906	read: timeout
   7.109954	blazer_status: short reply
   7.109974	Status read 1 failed
   7.110083	send: D
   8.111150	read: timeout
   8.111190	blazer_status: short reply
   8.111211	Status read 2 failed
   8.111312	send: D
   9.112375	read: timeout
   9.112423	blazer_status: short reply
   9.112443	Status read 3 failed
   9.112461	No supported UPS detected

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