[Nut-upsuser] APC Smart UPS at a Mac Mini

Wolfgang Hottgenroth wolfgang at hottgenroth.net
Wed Aug 31 11:53:26 UTC 2011

Here are the information you asked for. Does it help anyhow?


keller:~ admin$ upsc ups
battery.alarm.threshold: 0
battery.charge: 100.0
battery.charge.restart: 00
battery.date: 02/13/11
battery.runtime: 960
battery.runtime.low: 120
battery.voltage: 13.77
battery.voltage.nominal: 012
device.mfr: APC
device.model: Smart-UPS SC450 RM
device.serial: 5S1107T50479
device.type: ups
driver.name: apcsmart
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
driver.parameter.port: /dev/tty.usbserial
driver.version: 2.6.1
driver.version.internal: 2.1
input.frequency: 50.00
input.quality: FF
input.sensitivity: H
input.transfer.high: 253
input.transfer.low: 208
input.transfer.reason: unacceptable utility voltage rate of change
input.voltage: 221.7
input.voltage.maximum: 224.6
input.voltage.minimum: 221.7
output.voltage: 221.7
output.voltage.nominal: 230
ups.delay.shutdown: 060
ups.delay.start: 000
ups.firmware: 736.1.I
ups.firmware.old: DWI
ups.id: UPS_IDEN
ups.load: 061.1
ups.mfr: APC
ups.mfr.date: 02/13/11
ups.model: Smart-UPS SC450 RM
ups.serial: 5S1107T50479
ups.status: OL
ups.test.interval: 1209600
ups.test.result: NO
keller:~ admin$ 

keller:~ admin$ upscmd -l ups
Instant commands supported on UPS [ups]:

calibrate.start - Start run time calibration
calibrate.stop - Stop run time calibration
load.off - Turn off the load immediately
load.on - Turn on the load immediately
shutdown.return - Turn off the load and return when power is back
shutdown.return.grace - Description unavailable
shutdown.stayoff - Turn off the load and remain off
test.battery.start - Start a battery test
test.battery.stop - Stop the battery test
test.failure.start - Start a simulated power failure
test.panel.start - Start testing the UPS panel
keller:~ admin$ 

keller:~ admin$ upsrw ups
Battery alarm threshold
Type: ENUM
Option: "0" SELECTED
Option: "T"
Option: "L"
Option: "N"

Minimum battery level for restart after power off (percent)
Type: ENUM
Option: "00" SELECTED
Option: "15"
Option: "50"
Option: "90"

Battery change date
Value: 02/13/11

Remaining battery runtime when UPS switches to LB (seconds)
Type: ENUM
Option: "120" SELECTED
Option: "300"
Option: "420"
Option: "600"

Input power sensitivity
Type: ENUM
Option: "H" SELECTED
Option: "M"
Option: "L"

High voltage transfer point (V)
Type: ENUM
Option: "253" SELECTED
Option: "257"
Option: "261"
Option: "265"

Low voltage transfer point (V)
Type: ENUM
Option: "208" SELECTED
Option: "204"
Option: "200"
Option: "196"

Nominal output voltage (V)
Type: ENUM
Option: "230" SELECTED

Interval to wait after shutdown with delay command (seconds)
Type: ENUM
Option: "060" SELECTED
Option: "180"
Option: "300"
Option: "600"

Interval to wait before (re)starting the load (seconds)
Type: ENUM
Option: "000" SELECTED
Option: "060"
Option: "180"
Option: "300"

UPS system identifier

Interval between self tests (seconds)
Type: ENUM
Option: "1209600" SELECTED
Option: "604800"
Option: "0"

keller:~ admin$ 

Am 29.08.2011 um 14:57 schrieb Charles Lepple:

> On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 7:14 AM, Wolfgang Hottgenroth
> <wolfgang at hottgenroth.net> wrote:
>> I'm using a APC Smart UPS with a Mac Mini, connected using a USB serial converter.
>> Works fine so far, the Mac Mini will be shut down, a NAS connected of the network to the nut on Mac Mini will also shut down, perfect.
>> However, the ups will not be shut down. Very unfortunate, since the Mac will not start again, if the power comes back before the batteries are completely empty.
>> I read about /etc/killpower and a may be required modification of the shutdown script.
>> But there is no such script in Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
> I admit I haven't investigated the OS X shutdown sequence much - my
> main OS X box is a laptop, and the Mac Mini isn't doing anything
> critical.
> I think that the built-in USB UPS support simply commands the UPS to
> shut down after a delay. I think there's a potential race condition
> there if the power comes back on as you described, but maybe the APC
> UPSes avoid that by power-cycling the load if they have already been
> commanded to shut down when the power returns.
> Can you post your shutdown command, and the output of "upsc", "upscmd
> -l" and "upsrw" for that UPS? No need to include ups.serial if you
> don't want to post the serial number - I'm mainly interested in the
> firmware version, NUT version, and what commands and variables are
> detected as supported by the apcsmart driver.

> Michal Soltys has made some improvements to the APC shutdown support
> recently, so he might be able to offer some suggestions about using
> the delayed shutdown feature with your hardware.
> -- 
> - Charles Lepple

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