[Nut-upsuser] Plexus 800VA UPS on ReadyNAS Duo

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Tue Feb 8 13:26:00 UTC 2011

Citeren Mike Barber <badpatch op googlemail.com>:

> Installed 2.4.1 using apt and installed in place of initial version
> Found various web documents detailing that blazer_usb would probably be the
> driver to use.
> using usb.conf :
> [UPS]
> driver = blazer_usb
> port = auto
> and running the driver in debug mode gives the following :


> Checking device (0001/0000) (001/003)
> - VendorID: 0001
> - ProductID: 0000
> - Manufacturer: ATCL FOR UPS
> - Product: ATCL FOR UPS
> - Serial Number: ATCL FOR UPS

The VendorID / ProductID combination is bogus. The manufacturer of the  
UPS was too cheap to apply for a real USB ID and made one up. This  
means that this will give us no clue how to communicate with this  
device based on this information. A few years ago we ran into this  
combination for the first time and at that time we found out how to  
talk to that particular device. However, this doesn't mean that yours  
will work in the same way (it may be something completely different,  
there is no way to tell).

There is a very small chance that one of the other subdrivers in  
blazer_usb is able to talk to device. You'll have to help finding it  
by specifying 'vendorid', 'productid' and 'subdriver' in ups.conf. See  
'man 8 blazer' for more information. If this also fails to detect your  
UPS you're basically out of luck. Unless *you* can provide us with the  
protocol this device uses (ask the vendor, manufacturer, reverse  
engineer it, whatever), we can't support it in NUT.

> using Blazer_usb on 2.6 gives virtually the same output as 2.4.1

You'll definitely need to use this one for the above to have any  
chance of success. Good luck.

Best regards, Arjen
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