[Nut-upsuser] Support of & amp; amp; quot; shutdown.return& amp; amp; quot; on a APC Back-UPS CS 500

Kevin bakdong at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 11:36:44 UTC 2011

on 19/01/2011 15:31 Arjen de Korte wrote:
> Please also post the output of 'upsc upsname' (see 'man 8 upsc') and 
> 'upscmd -l upsname' (see 'man 8 upscmd') for both devices, so that we 
> can see which commands are detected.
> It may be a log easier to do the testing with the upscmd 
> 'shutdown.return' (Smart-UPS 1000) and 'shutdown.reboot' (CS-500) 
> while the upsd server is running. During testing, it allows you to run 
> an instance of upslog (see 'man 8 upslog') so that you'll be able to 
> see the 'ups.timer.*' variables counting down. I suspect that the 
> current mapping might be wrong.
> Also note that the (re)start delay set in the Smart-UPS 1000 is 
> presently set to 180 seconds, so you may have to wait a little longer 
> that expected for the output to be switched on after the power returns.
Thanks Arjen. I've spent a little more time on it today and can confirm 
that shutdown.reboot works as expected with the Smart-UPS 1000. (I only 
tested this by commenting out the shutdown.return code in the usbhid-ups 
driver) I will try with the upscmd command tomorrow.

This matches and confirms the behaviour of the 2.4 versions.

It is easy to tell when this is working properly, as both of the units 
have a flashing light sequence that signifies they are going into sleep 

As an aside, I gather that all the APC units will now switch into sleep 
mode automatically at a specific low battery state, so actually 
switching off as a last resort may be counter productive.

I haven't been able to get the CS 500 into sleep mode at all, apart from 
by using the old hidups driver that I modified to setvalue(0x86007c, 1) 
The 2.6 version shutdown.reboot definitely does not work - it doesn't 
seem to have any effect at all.

I will post the further information you have asked for tomorrow and also 
experiment with the upslog. I haven't seen output matching 'ups.timer' 
from this before, there must be a verbose command I haven't found yet.


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