[Nut-upsuser] Cyber Power USB UPS'.

tubbiolo at math.arizona.edu tubbiolo at math.arizona.edu
Fri Jan 21 20:23:33 UTC 2011

Hi All:

   Someone may have already answered this, I get the digest. I found this
posting in the archives, OF COURSE, after I posted my problem.


I can't say it explains everything to me. I still am interested in ya'lls
thoughts. I can't totally say I understand why this is happening.

   If my limited understanding is correct the USB is dropping out, coming
back, and when it comes back init 0 or S90Halt is run. But now the USB
is given a new 'address' and the orig binding via the driver is gone.
So it seems to me the less kludgy fix would be to assign the port
setting in usb.conf to something more akin to reality so this does not

   I'd rather not muck with the shutdown script as I'll be applying this
to about 50 systems as I upgrade their UPS'.


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