[Nut-upsuser] nut problem on boot/restart

pepe jose dynamix66 at hotmail.com
Sun May 8 13:21:01 UTC 2011

When I turn on my pc everything works fine, but if I restart fails (I'm not sure if this is true at 100%)(then, i can do 'sudo /etc/init.d/nut restart' and it works)
But what is certain is that sometimes when start up the pc it works and sometimes fails. It seems like attempting to use the USB bus before it has initialized.
how I can fix this? thanks so much!
my setup:core i5, SSD corsair, 8GB ram, msi p67a-gd65Ubuntu 11.04 64bitNUT v2.6 deb from ubuntuUPS Soyntec Sekury C 800 USB
syslog:Apr 30 21:58:16 tron upsd[1251]: listening on port 3493Apr 30 21:58:16 tron upsd[1251]: Can't connect to UPS [soyntec] (blazer_usb-soyntec): No such file or directoryApr 30 21:58:16 tron upsd[1253]: Startup successfulApr 30 21:58:16 tron upsmon[1256]: Startup successfulApr 30 21:58:16 tron upsd[1253]: User monuser logged into UPS [soyntec]Apr 30 21:58:16 tron upsmon[1259]: Poll UPS [soyntec localhost] failed - Driver not connectedApr 30 21:58:16 tron upsmon[1259]: Communications with UPS soyntec localhost lost
output (sudo /lib/nut/blazer_usb -DDDDD -a soyntec) attached
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