[Nut-upsuser] PowerCom BNT2000AT ups on nut 2.6.0 - second try

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Fri May 13 12:46:08 UTC 2011

Hi Angela,

sorry for not replying earlier, which doesn't mean that I'm considering your
only that the agenda is crowded, and that support queue need

2011/5/13 Angela Williams <angierfw at gmail.com>

> Hi!
> Normally nut was just worked and worked for me!
> Not this time though!
> Distro is Gentoo withe latest nut-2.6.0 emerged today.
> Linux kernel version is 2.6.36
> UPS is PowerCom BNT2000AT
> "Driver" is powercom
> ups.conf looks like this! Okay so APC1 is not and APC!
>  [APC1]
>        driver = powercom
>        type = BNT
>        port = /dev/ttyS1
>        numOfBytesFromUPS = 16
>        methodOfFlowControl = no_flow_control
>        validationSequence = {{11,0x42},{8,0},{8,0}}
>        shutdownArguments = {{1,30},y}
>        modelname = BNT2000APT
>        serialnumber = 2233445566
>        desc = Computer Room Small UPS
> (...)

a powercom patch has recently been submitted, and I had to first discuss
with the submitter about the possible fix of your issue with this patch:

so, this seems quite positive for you, though the validation will come once
the patch is merged, and tested on your side...

note that the patch is there:

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