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2011/11/3 Greg Trounson <gregt at maths.otago.ac.nz>

> Hi,
> I am considering purchasing a UPS and want one that I can query from
> bash scripts.  I would assume nut to be the best tool to allow this.  I
> have been directed to a Socomec RT 3000VA UPS.
> I have previously had MGE Pulsars and interfaced to them with nut's
> mge-utalk and mge-shut drivers with reasonable success, apart from the
> odd data stale error.

you're talking there about pre-historic versions, aren't you ;)

> These Socomec units have RS-232 connectors and claim to support JBUS.
> On the nut compatibility page I only see one Socomec model listed and
> it's a different one.  Incidentally, do the colours in the Driver column
> on that page mean anything?  I don't see a legend anywhere.
> Does anyone know what if these are likely to work with nut?
> Specifications for the UPS are here:
> http://www.i-tech.com.au/products/51242_Socomec_NeTYS_RT_3000Va_UPS_Tower.aspx

in the MGE continuation, Eaton has taken over the lead (ie, I've moved from
the now defunct MGE to Eaton).

So Eaton is your best choice if you want something that is well supported
in NUT, and if you want to support NUT.

As per your needs, I would recommend an Eaton 5PX:

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