[Nut-upsuser] Step by step help for Windows Vista User?

Jürgen Wege jwege at gmx.net
Fri Nov 11 18:54:10 UTC 2011

Hi all,
sorry for this message, but maybe I am the most dumb user in here, so,
please accept my appologies asking novice questions.
I have tried 6 searched for more than 4 hours now, read all html-man files I
could think need to be read and also the major one, but I did not manage to
get the NUT to successfully run on my Vista machine. (it runs, but I cannot
use it ... see later).
I am really frustrated. Especially after having installed "apcupsd" in
allmost no time and even successfully incorporated my own exe files being
called etc. (so, should not be the most dumb user on earth - hopefully).
Since I need to incorporate othe UPS (non-apc), I need a more general
solution which brought me to the NUT website.
Now, here is my my question:
Is there any Step- by- Step guide that is written for real dummies? (I mean
for dummies! The "NUT user Manual" seems to be too high level for me.)
My major problem seems to be that I do not understand the concept in full
yet, especially:
- What needs to be started to have a system that:
- - reads the state of an attached UPS frequently
- - can be requested from a TCP Client using  <ip-of-machine>:3493 
- What needs to be modified to:
- - have a local installation that would run local programs upon events from
the UPS (like "onpower", "onbattery")
- - have the machine respond (or allow to open) to clients using the
<ip-of-machine>:3493 to connect
- is there any way to run an exe locally to tell in which state the system
I have:
- sucessfully installed the msi
- got the service to run (after first errors and finally change the "mode"
to "standalone")
- have modified the ups.conf and inserted [APC01MAIN] section with
driver=usbhid-ups, port=auto, vendorid=051D
- modified the firewall to allow incoming requests for port  3493 (all
I cannot:
- use the (old?) WinClient to connect to the service
- use any other TCP Client to connect to  <ip-of-machine>:3493
- have no idea what to do to get a local info on the UPS's state
What went completely nuts?
- I tried to set up the system to use <ip>:3493 to listen to. Changed
upsd.conf and inserted LISTEN= and LISTEN=<ip>:3493
- - but befor that, netstat -ano showed two entries with the port 3493,
after the modification (and stop - restart of service) netstat showed NO
listeners on that port ...
Sorry for so much info. Just wanted to show that I REALLY tried hard.
Again: Is there any dummies-step-by-step guide?
Thank you all so much in advance!
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