[Nut-upsuser] SURT8000XL+AP9619

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2012/4/27 Тимофей Целищев <mrtstv at mail.ru>

> Hello!
> I have the APC SURT8000XL whith AP9619. I connect it to the NUT whith the
> snmp-ups driver, but have the error: "[SURT8000XL] Warning: excessive poll
> failures, limiting error reporting". The OS is FreeBSD 9.0.
> The APC SU5000I whith the AP9617 connecting to NUT - OK!
> ups.conf
> [SURT8000XL]
>    driver = snmp-ups
>   port = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
>    community = public
>   desc = "SURT8000XL"

please send a compressed driver debug output, Ie:
$ /path/to/snmp-ups -DDDDD -a SURT8000XL

let it run for a couple of minutes before stopping it with Ctrl+C.

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