[Nut-upsuser] NUT (windows) 2.6.5-4 issues - SNMP data stale

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Tue Dec 11 06:24:29 UTC 2012


All our UPSes is APC Smart UPS
All OS: Windows 2003R2 (x32) and 2008R2 (x64).

I installed a client 2.6.5-4 (latest from available) on many of our servers and ran into a 3 problems.

1) All communications between our clients and UPS made ​​via SNMP (driver snmp-ups.exe) and right after client’s start I get in the windows log  errors - UPS data stale. I have long studied the situation and made ​​the following observation: 99% of the error "data stale" arises because of the fact that the driver snmp-ups.exe starts too long or NUT starting in WRONG sequence: upsd – 1st, snmp-ups – 2nd. But I think the snmp-ups driver must be started first.

How can I make to FORCE NUT (for windows) to starts in right sequence (do not start upsd daemon BEFORE snmp-ups driver loading)?

2) I have a strong suspicion that the NUT does not always read the config files after host restarting. I have included the suppression of all connection error (IGNORE) and reconfigured common polling intervals from default POLLFREQ = 5, POLLFREQALERT = 5 and MAXAGE = 15 to new 30,15 and 60, respectively. But right after rebooting the host, I get in the server log reports for “data stale”, and polling interval is NOT equal to 60 (as I adjusted for MAXAGE). It was used as the default -15 seconds. And

And a similar situation with a pop-up notices: they are (like “connection lost”) completely disabled, but they still appear from time to time (after system full restart) on the console.

Can I modify windows NUT service and POINT it to config file?

I am really sure, that the NUT clients and UPSes are communicate normally. It is only necessary to suppress logging of errors and pop-up notification.

3) If I try to stop NUT daemon on Windows 2003R2 server  – it throws me an error:

Faulting application upsd.exe, version, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.2.3790.4937, fault address 0x0001a1c1.

I think Windows 2008R2 is not affected by this error.

And for information: latest windows build 2..6.5-4 has compiled with SSL support. I don’t need it, but I CAN NOT disable this option. I found it after sending test request like “upsc.exe UPS1 ups.status”.

Thank you!

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