[Nut-upsuser] EATON 5PX with nut 2.6 on ubuntu 12.04

Sabine GOUDARD sabine.goudard at st-etienne.archi.fr
Wed Dec 12 07:16:27 UTC 2012

I have a EATON 5PX with a Network Management Card
on ubuntu 12.04

I established a shutdown procedure like described in rogerprice.org
It works

I have an event mail on "onbatt" then another on "onbattdelay1" then the 
"upsmon -c fsd" order on "onbattedelay2"

When "onbattdelay2" is finished, my server execute "auto logout and 
shutdown proceeding"
then my ups shutdown too but when ?

My second question is
I don't find the "battery.charge.low" parameter on this ups

my third question
When electric power come back, ups restart, my server restart
but the driver isn't connceted
I have this message :"Can't connect to UPS (snmp-ups-MYUPS) : no such 
file or directory
If I restart nut service, it's ok
What can I do to avoid this problem ?

and finally, last question
When electric power come back, ups is started, my server is started
how can I execute for example a "wake on lan" or a "reboot" for some 
computer which isn't connect on the ups

Sorry my english isn't perfect

Best regards


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