[Nut-upsuser] Support for Online Yunto and Zinto

Thomas Maisl exp-122008 at maisl.com
Tue Feb 14 14:42:36 UTC 2012

attached information was retrieved while UPS was operating _offline_ (doing
a runtime test)

1. lsusb -v -d06dA:0002
2-6. blazer_usb using subdriver <cypress|phoenix|ippon|krauler>
     with and w/o protocol zinto

IMO cypress with zinto produced the best result, ippon and krauler didn't work

        driver = blazer_usb
        subdriver = cypress
        protocol = zinto
        vendorid = 06da
        productid = 0002
        port = auto
        desc = "Yunto YQ450 via USB"

schrieb Arnaud Quette, Am 13.02.2012 19:58:
> Hi Thomas,
> 2012/2/13 Thomas Maisl <exp-122008 at maisl.com>:
>> schrieb Arnaud Quette, Am 13.02.2012 18:28:
>>> for the 2nd, as per its USB IDs (06DA/0002), the driver should be bcmxcp_usb.
>>> can you please try it in debug more and also send back the output?
>> A few minutes ago I managed to connect to a Yunto YQ450 using USB connection.
> thanks a lot for your feedback.
> could you please also send in an "lsusb -v -d06dA:0002" output, using root.
seems to be identical with Marios UPS

>>  [YQ450]
>>        driver = blazer_usb
>>        subdriver = phoenix
>>        vendorid = 06da
>>        productid = 0002
>>        port = auto
>>        desc = "Yunto YQ450 via USB"
> can you also try adding "protocol=zinto" here, to see if it makes things better?
> have you also tried other subdrivers (cypress, ippon, krauler) before
> succeeding with phoenix?
no, not before. I did try bcmxcp_usb w/o success, did some reading and
realised that there had been some support in the megatec-driver which
blazer is the successor. In blazer_usbs' manpage phoenix is a subdriver
option - and  lsusb pointed to Phoenixtec.
So I gave this subdriver a shot.

> Theoretically,
>> I'm not shure if everything (all available parameters/values) is ok. Debug
>> output:
>>>  /lib/nut/blazer_usb -a YQ450 -DDDDD
>>> Network UPS Tools - Megatec/Q1 protocol USB driver 0.04 (2.6.3)
>>>    0.000000     debug level is '5'
>>>    0.078276     Checking device (1D6B/0001) (004/001)
>>>    [..]
> [..]
> Q1 is answering, which is the basic for this protocol.
> but not to "F" and "I".
> but the numerous " flush: could not claim interface 0: Device or
> resource busy" msg lead me to think that there is probably another
> instance of the driver running.
> could you please confirm (using "ps" for example)?
> and if it's the case, stop all driver instances, start only 1 in debug
> mode (as you did above) and send again a debug output.

no, no other instance was running. Behaviour is reproducible (see attachment).

While testing I did detach and reattach the USB-cable.
The connection to the UPS was established again. :)


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