[Nut-upsuser] Support for Online Yunto and Zinto

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 17:48:33 UTC 2012

Halo Thomas und Mario ;-)

2012/2/14 Thomas Maisl <exp-122008 at maisl.com>:
> attached information was retrieved while UPS was operating _offline_ (doing
> a runtime test)

thanks a lot for your test results.

> 1. lsusb -v -d06dA:0002
> 2-6. blazer_usb using subdriver <cypress|phoenix|ippon|krauler>
>     with and w/o protocol zinto
> IMO cypress with zinto produced the best result, ippon and krauler didn't work

indeed cypress with zinto is the best fit, though your unit doesn't
answer to anything else than the basic 'Q1'
phoenix also provides the same support.

>  [YQ450]
>        driver = blazer_usb
>        subdriver = cypress
>        protocol = zinto
>        vendorid = 06da
>        productid = 0002
>        port = auto
>        desc = "Yunto YQ450 via USB"

I've just committed a patch to the trunk (r3447) which links
"06da:0002" to the cypress subdriver, and added the following HCL

"Online"	"ups"	"2"	"Yunto YQ450"	""	"blazer_usb"

This means that you now (using the latest trunk) just need to specify:
      driver = blazer_usb
      protocol = zinto
      port = auto
      desc = "Yunto YQ450 via USB"

Moreover, specifying "zinto" is not that useful, since only "Q1" is supported.
So you can omit it.

Can you please counter check, and report back upsc/upsrw/upscmd
output, along with the shutdown test:

the remaining point is still with the other unit (06da:0601) from Mario...
@Mario: as  per your previous feedback, your unit reports 'Q1', 'F',
but not 'I'.
so could you please do the same tests I asked Thomas, with "protocol=zinto"?
this should use 'FW?' and provide vendor info.


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