[Nut-upsuser] Semantic relationships between shudown.stayoff, shutdown.return, and ups.start.auto

Rich Wrenn rwrenn at ddn.com
Sun Jan 15 14:30:53 UTC 2012


Thanks for your reply, however..

>> Nut-names.txt states that
>> 1.       ups.start.auto controls whether the UPS starts when mains is (re)applied.
>> 2.       shutdown.stayoff causes "turn off the load possibly after a delay and remain even if power returns".
>> 3.       shutdown.return causes "turn off the load possibly after a delay and return when power is back".
>> 1 seems to conflict with 2 and 3.  That is, 2 implies that ups.start.auto=no and 3 implies that ups.start.auto=yes.

> My understanding of the "ups.start.auto" setting is that it only applies when an explicit shutdown command has not been > given (and therefore would be overridden by one of the shutdown.* commands, if NUT is configured to manage the shutdown > process).

That would be reasonable.  If this is the intent then I suggest that that be said in the description of ups.start.auto in nut_names.txt.

> That said, I'll defer to someone who knows the specifics of the Eaton hardware for information on how it should work.  > The UPS firmware has a lot of leeway in how the commands and settings are interpreted.

My experience so far with the Evolution 1550 is that shutdown.stayoff only works correctly if ups.start.auto=no and that shutdown.return only works correctly if ups.start.auto=yes.  Given that, shouldn't the NUT driver for this UPS set ups.start.auto as part of these shutdown commands?


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