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Hi Gene,

a first thank to Greg and Roger for the much appreciated help on the
support queue...

2012/7/15 Gene Ulmer <gulmer at mcn.org>

> I installed NUT version 2.6.3-1ubuntu1.1  w/the client and server and the
> nut monitor. When I open the monitor, I get an error: error connecting to
> 'local host' ([Errno] connection refused). What can I do to get NUT to
> work? I can not tell if the NUT program is working or not.
> I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit
> Installed NUT from the Synaptic Package Manager.
> My computer is a Systemax w/MSI motherboard K9N6GM series, 64bit.
> The UPS is a Tripplite AVR-550u connected to computer w/USB cable.

first, this unit is known to work for more than 2 years.
next, as mentioned by Greg, is NUT configured?

the basic files needed for standalone protection are nut.conf, ups.conf,
upsd.{conf,users} and upsmon.conf
hosts.conf is for CGI operations...

There are some documentation, more Debian / Ubuntu focused, that may help

A note on USB device permissions: you need to have udev rules refreshed.
Depending on your system and package versions, you may have to issue:
* sudo udevadm trigger --subsystem-match=usb --action=change

and to unplug/replug your UPS USB cord.
Then start nut using "service nut start".
Before trying with NUT-Monitor, prefer using "upsc <devname>" with devname
from ups.conf

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