[Nut-upsuser] bcmxcp_usb: multiple UPS

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 08:57:56 UTC 2012

Hi Adam,

2012/7/19 Adam Welch <adamw at buffalotech.com>

>  I can’t find a way to configure bcmxcp_usb to communicate with 2 UPS
> units.  Maybe more simply, I can’t find a way to tell the driver to only
> talk to one of the units on the bus.  That is, I cannot find that the
> driver configuration file supports “serial =” or “bus = “ or other such
> discriminators that other drivers do (usb_apc, etc.).  So, I can’t assign
> one Eaton UPS to “[ups1]” and another to “[ups2]”.****
> ** **
> This is all against NUT 2.4.3, but the 2.6.4 code doesn’t seem to have
> those concepts, either.  I guess even confirmation that it cannot be
> configured to work would be helpful at this point, but I still hope I am
> missing something.  Thank you for considering it.****

sadly, this is part of the missing things in this driver.
As told a few days ago, and soon again in the 2.8.0 roadmap announce, I've
planned to rewrite this driver and fix this kind of remaining issues. If
this is a blocking point on your side, I may prioritize this... just let me

Adam Welch
> Buffalo Technology, USA****

you're working at Buffalo!? interesting, since I wanted to contact you
about integrating NUT in your NAS range...
would you be open to such discussion?

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