[Nut-upsuser] ups.delay.shutdown ignored on apc_smartups_3000_xl

Gabriele gabriele.mailing at rvmgroup.it
Wed Mar 28 20:52:52 UTC 2012

I run nut 2.4.3 under Debian Squeeze 6.0, using an APC Smart UPS 3000 XL
connected via USB.
The communication between Nut and the Ups is working, and when Nut feels
the low battery signal, it starts shudown.
Unfortunately the shutdown procedure is very long, more than 7 minutes,
so I need to wait at least 10 minutes to be safe, before the power is
really cut.

I tried to setup these values in /etc/rc.local:

 /bin/upsrw -u local_mon -p mypass -s ups.delay.shutdown=600
/bin/upsrw -u local_mon -p mypass -s battery.charge.low=40
/bin/upsrw -u local_mon -p mypass -s battery.runtime.low=900

And also configured the driver in /etc/nut/ups.conf as is:

    driver = usbhid-ups
    port = auto

But everytime the UPS cuts the power after less than 5 minutes. The
battery is charged enough when the ups cuts the power.

Suggestions ?

Thank you,

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