[Nut-upsuser] MEC0003 protocol support

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 18:17:15 UTC 2012

2012/11/27 Walshe, John (DCOR) <John.Walshe at smithsdetection.com>

> Hi Arnaud,

Hi John

> ****
> Thanks for replying.

welcome, but please keep the list cc'ed!

> ****
> Since I sent the message I tried the UPS on winXP  just to see if the
> upsilon s/w did toggle beeper and shutdown as required. Indeed it did, but
> it didn’t perform any of the battery tests . So with UsbSnoop I tried to
> grab the usb traffic to capture the command stream. Unfortunately that s/w
> doesn’t seem to capture the downstream properly – just the upstream. From
> that however I could see that the reply to the standard query (Q1) command
> conformed to the MEC0002 protocol – so we are not far away.****
> We presently have the ups on another PC with XP inside a VM on Debian
> squeeze. We’ll try to capture the downstream from upsilon that does result
> in a shutdown and a beeper toggle.****
> If we have luck I’ll send you the details.****
> **

ok, thanks.
considering the above, a blazer_usb trace, with debug level 5 (i.e -DDDDD)
would be interesting too.

which version of NUT are you using btw?

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