[Nut-upsuser] mge-utalk ESV8+ comm problem

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 16:00:59 UTC 2012

2012/10/18 Ivo Karabojkov <karabojkov at kit.bg>

>  Hi!

Hi Ivo

Sorry for being away for the last week and thank you all for your time and
> patience!
> Today I tried to collect newer log file than one attached in my first post.
> I used the same HDD with no modifications of config or OS, on the same
> computer with the same interface cable (original MGE, not hand-made). The
> computer is real - not VM to avoid eventual malfunction caused by virtual
> access to RS232 ports.
> It was very odd that the connection to the UPS suddenly started working! I
> am able to read status and perform tests including fsd with 100 % success!
> Before my first try I had UPS repaired. The inverter transistors had to be
> resoldered. This does not impact communication circuits, at least not
> directly.
> The difference today was that since I was away and the device was freshly
> repaired I disconnected its acumulators to avoid eventual damages. Maybe
> this "hard reset" helped to the UPS controller to start comunicating
> normally? But it worked with Eaton's Windows software!
> I'll test it for at least a week before attaching it to my production
> system. Non-reasonal function or malfunction is really disturbing.
> The unit is old but it is from this low-efficiency generation that
> produces very good sine waveform and does not wear its electronic
> components (ex. capaciotrs) It surely has lead in its soldering compounds
> and is not CFC-free (during production). The large and half-empty heavy
> metal enclosure is also important for unit's reliability. In fact the only
> reason to throw it out would be it's denial to work with NUT on one of my
> FreeBSD servers.
> I would be very glad if I can help testing the driver (and if you still
> willing to).
> I have also access for testing to MGE Pulsar ES 11+ and an EL (i'll
> clarify the exact model tomorrow).
> Both are working without software support. I can test them with NUT.
> Sorry for (maybe) false allarm.

not a false alarm at all, since you had an actual issue!

I'll follow-up in my answer to Martin.

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