[Nut-upsuser] Zigor Ebro 650 compatibility

Martyn Hill martyn.joseph.hill at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 19:31:37 UTC 2012

Hi Daniel

Thank you for that.

On 07/09/2012 01:15, Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> On 07/09/2012, at 5:01, Martyn Hill <martyn.joseph.hill at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Unfortunately, VirtualBox refused to allow me to attach the UPS USB port to the guest OS (saying 'busy with a previous request'), so that came to nothing - and after several night's effort::-(
> Windows may be connecting to the UPS using a service automatically. I am not sure how you would stop it but at a guess I would trying looking for a likely service and stop it.

Yes, thought of that and stopped and reconfigured for manual startup the 
Upsilon USB service and even removed the UPS USB driver, but still hit 
the same 'busy' error when trying to attch the USB device to VirtualBox.
>> So, do you (or anyone else here) have any guidance on how to force NUT to link against libusb-0.1 at compile time ???
> I think you'd have to mangle the configure script.

I'll take a look.
> What does pkg-config --cflags libusb say on your system?
'Not found' - probably because I didn't/couldn't install the 
libusb-0.1.12 port - even after disabling the FreeBSD version check in 
the Makefile that would otherwise skip the port install. I'l try that 
again, however and try to get make install to complete.
>> I'm still not convinced that the FreeBSD implementation of libusb v2 is fully compatible with v0.1 - the available documentation is confusing...
> I believe it is compatible although 0.1 was evolved rather than designed :)
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> Daniel O'Connor software and network engineer
I'll keep trying! Thanks!

"There are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those who don't."

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