[Nut-upsuser] Zigor on Mac Os X

Manuel Wolfshant wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro
Wed Sep 26 06:38:11 UTC 2012

On 09/26/2012 09:19 AM, Mark Burton wrote:
> I'm loading just the driver…
> it kind-of-works…
> One minor problem - the zigor 650 unit I have seems to fail if my iMac is drawing too much power. Basically, if the screen brightness is turned up, then the thing fails to go onto battery mode (presumably sensing the high power draw as an error). Net result - the whole thing is a bit of a pain….
> Where I am with this:
> 	Seems like, with some work, all this would work for a zigor, and if anybody is following here - then it seems it's a viable solution. However, you need to set it all up yourself, and sticking it in launchd would seem to be a good option. On my behalf, I'm setting my brightness down low, setting my 'sleep when idle' quite short, and if I get a power cut, I'll cross my fingers :-(((((((
> I might play a little bit more, and see if I can't set it all up, as you suggest with launchd, but, frankly, in my case, I'v decided that the functionality I want is more like - if I'm using the machine, then dim the lights, keep using it, if the power doesn't return, go into sleep mode and prey…. I can do that from the console :-) --- If I'm not using the machine, - got into sleep mode, and prey - which I can do simply by making sure it sleeps when the console is idle….
> If we totally loose power while in sleep mode (e.g. we burn up the battery, probably 10 min's at a guess, then - actually that doesn't seem to do too much damage, and we seem to restart nicely - thanks to the journalling filesystem I guess)
     Just a bystander's note: at 650 VA / 360W the unit really should be 
able to power any modern PC, except for those dedicated to gaming ( with 
modern video cards which are able all alone to drain a small power 
plant). Do not take it as an ad but as pure info, the APC BackUPS ES we 
have never had any issues from this point of view.
     To cut it short: IMHO that zigor unit is either defective or a 
piece of junk with overrated capabilities. The bandaid you have 
implemented is nice and maybe functional but well against the normal use 
of a computer.


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