[Nut-upsuser] Please help - ACP Back-UPS CS 350

Marcin Ciesielski nut at kisiel.net.pl
Sun Aug 25 10:29:11 UTC 2013


I run NAS4Free (FreeBSD) system which somehow fails to recognize my UPS

and fails with message: Unknown USB device: vendor 0x051d product
0x0002 bus uhub2

It's nut 2.6.5
Network UPS Tools - Generic HID driver 0.37 (2.6.5-Unversioned directory)
USB communication driver 0.31

I have already posted on N4F forum if they have some ideas
Here I would like to try another one.

On this box I run ubuntu 12.04 as a Virtualbox guest.
Ubuntu uses NUT 2.6.3 and works with my ups flawlessly but obviously
the regular power down scenario does not work very well with a guest

Here an idea.
Is there a chance to configure NUT he way that in case of power
failure it will just send a power down command to an external system?
(in my case it would be host)
And I mean just this command.

My host would shut down preventing any disaster and it would store
virtual machine aside so my Ubuntu does not need to do anything else
(no stoping any demons, no init process...)
Of course I loose possibility to automatically power my system up. But
in my case it can be done manually if required.

Any ideas?


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