[Nut-upsuser] Slave only configuration

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Thu Aug 29 00:03:55 UTC 2013

It appears that, without munging the startup scripts, it isn't possible 
to create a slave-only configuration.

The scenario is this:
My NUT server doesn't need to turn off, it isn't allowed to turn the UPS 
off, and it isn't authoritative to turn any other server off. Its only 
job is to make UPS status available to NUT clients.

My NUT clients are independent of the NUT server. Each is its own 
business case and will independently decide if the shutdown criteria has 
been met.

The questions are:
Why am I required to run upsmon on the NUT server?

Is there a way to achieve this configuration without munging the startup 

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