[Nut-upsuser] false low battery alarm

Vieri rentorbuy at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 18:34:13 UTC 2013

--- On Thu, 2/28/13, Ben Kamen <bkamen at benjammin.net> wrote:

> No. The mfr date is a constant.
> There IS a user modifiable field for the last battery
> changeout date. It's only edited by you (the user/admin)

OK, thanks. I'll look for it.

> You batteries have died.

If I cut the main power supply then the UPS batteries seem to work fine and serve the devices behind it for a few minutes (normal load: 75%).
I'm not an expert in this field so I don't understand why the batteries die when connecting a serial cable but don't die when they're not "powered" anymore and the UPS is "on battery". Maybe it's a wiring/short circuit issue or maybe it really is related to the batteries or both.

> It's wise to run a calibration once or twice a month with a
> self test filling in the weeks between (maybe once a week).

I did more then a self test. I cut the main power off. But I'll perform another one soon just to make sure the batteries are ok.

Thanks for all the feedback.


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