[Nut-upsuser] HP R12000/3 UPS reports status as OL DISCHRG OB

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Hi Charles.

I can't remember exactly where it is (like most of the large corporations HP make the information that you really want incredibly hard to find) but I've got a copy of the MIB v1.6.4 that I downloaded last October when I was in conversation with Arnaud.


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Here's the first update of ups.status:

   0.102449     getting data: ups.status (.
   0.102546     su_ups_get: ups.status .
   0.102646     nut_snmp_get(.
   0.104539     SNMP UPS driver : entering su_status_set()
   0.104641     su_find_infoval: found OL (value: 3)
   0.104730     => value: 3

   0.104823     getting data: ups.status (.
   0.104919     su_ups_get: ups.status .
   0.105028     nut_snmp_get(.
   0.107134     SNMP UPS driver : entering su_status_set()
   0.107231     su_find_infoval: found DISCHRG (value: 2)
   0.107319     => value: 2

   0.107412     getting data: ups.status (.
   0.107507     su_ups_get: ups.status .
   0.107616     nut_snmp_get(.
   0.109529     SNMP UPS driver : entering su_status_set()
   0.109630     su_find_infoval: found OB (value: 1)
   0.109720     => value: 1

The first one (... is labeled in the driver as CPQPOWER_OID_POWER_STATUS. I checked around for this, and didn't find a good definition, but that seems to match the OL state.

The second one seems specific to the battery:

static info_lkp_t cpqpower_battery_abm_status[] = {
        { 1, "CHRG" },
        { 2, "DISCHRG" },
/*      { 3, "Floating" }, */
/*      { 4, "Resting" }, */
/*      { 5, "Unknown" }, */
        { 0, "NULL" }
} ;

I could see the battery monitoring circuit discharging the battery occasionally for maintenance, but is there a separate front-panel indicator for this mode?

The third one is CPQPOWER_OID_ALARM_OB. This definitely doesn't make sense, since things with "alarm" in the name are usually pretty direct.

The big question in my mind is, where did the NUT definitions come from?

Did your UPS come with a CD that might contain a SNMP MIB definition file? Or is there an area on the HP support site? (All I saw was a firmware update .EXE)

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