[Nut-upsuser] NUT on Linux, pid related errors

Kris Jordan nut01.kj at sagebrushnetworks.com
Tue Jul 30 17:36:58 UTC 2013

NUT 2.6.5, compiled from source

I was reminded by a previous thread about a message I get when starting 

Starting upsd:
fopen /var/run/nut/upsd.pid: No such file or directory

Starting upsmon:
kill: No such process

upsd removes its pid files when it's stopped, upsmon does not. If I 
remove upsmon's manually after stopping it, I get a different message 
for it when I start it back up...

fopen /var/run/nut/upsmon.pid: No such file or directory

I can see the fopen errors happening because of the pre-existing process 
check. But for the first upsmon case, what is it trying to "kill"?

If this is normal operation, maybe they shouldn't be printed to the console?

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