[Nut-upsuser] several problems with Powercom BNT-500AP

Mārtiņš Puķītis mp3 at hello.lv
Wed Jun 5 15:49:46 UTC 2013

OS name and version:

pi at raspberrypi ~ $ cat /etc/*release

PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (wheezy)"


uname -a

Linux raspberrypi 3.6.11+ #393 PREEMPT Fri Mar 8 16:36:28 GMT 2013 armv6l


exact NUT version

pi at raspberrypi ~ $ dpkg -s nut

Package: nut


Version: 2.6.4-2.3


NUT installation method: package


exact device name and related information:


=1&keyword> &root=13&kind=113&page=1&keyword=


I have several problems with my UPS:

1. Wrong battery and UPS date reported.

According to serial number 40438471204 UPS is manufactured on April 2012,
but NUT reports:

battery.date: 2010/12/20

ups.date: 2010/12/20

2. NUT occasionally (about once a day) reports that battery should be
replaced, but I have tested it by removing the power and it can supply about
170 W for about 20 minutes, which, according to specifications, is OK.

3. NUT very frequently (about 10 times a day) goes on battery followed by
immediate return to utility power, though there are no brownouts. My PC that
isn’t connected to UPS doesn’t reboot.

4. This is the most bothering. I have seen it only once. NUT reported “on
battery” (actually there was no brownout) followed by immediate “battery is
low”, that triggered shutdown of pi. 

Broadcast Message from nut at rasp

        (somewhere) at 20:45 ...

UPS BNT500AP at localhost on battery

Broadcast Message from nut at rasp

        (somewhere) at 20:45 ...

UPS BNT500AP at localhost battery is low

Broadcast Message from nut at rasp

        (somewhere) at 20:45 ...


Immediately after shutdown I turned the Raspberry pi on and checked the
status. It showed:

pi at raspberrypi ~ $ upsc BNT500AP at localhost

battery.charge: 100

battery.charge.low: 10

battery.charge.warning: 30


There is only pi and two low power embedded routers connected, so the total
power consumption from UPS is < 50 W.


Driver debug output attached.

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