[Nut-upsuser] Is USBD necessary for average users?

Александр Безруков phmagic at mail.ru
Fri Oct 4 09:06:39 UTC 2013

 Hi David,

I also read the NUT user manual but I have seen no a  single mention of USBD.

You might mean upsd instead. If so then you might consider that an average
user might need access to information provided by UPS(es) such as the
status of UPS (on-line or on-battery, among others), of utility or of battery.
This information is cached and provided by upsd, and upsd is the server
clients communicate with, so it is absolutely necessary. Sorry if I answered
not the question you asked.


Вторник,  1 октября 2013, 20:58 -07:00 от David N Melik <dchmelik at hipplanet.com>:
>I followed the NUT instructions that are on the projects site, I think,
>and they said to set up USBD, so I did. Is that necessary for average
>users using one PC (rather than servers), or will something not work
>right if I reread and turn off USBD?
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