[Nut-upsuser] Zigor Ebro 650 compatibility - revisited (on Windows, at least)

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Tue Sep 17 13:57:30 UTC 2013

2013/9/16 Martyn Hill <martyn.joseph.hill at gmail.com>:
> Hi Arnaud and NUT team
> You may recall some time ago, I and a few others posted questions about the
> above referenced (cheap and cheerful) USB-based UPS - specifically regarding
> FreeBSD USB support in NUT. The original posting was entitled "Zigor Ebro
> 650 compatibility".
> I've since tried the latest Windows port of NUT with my WinXP laptop
> connected to the Zigor Ebro and finally gotten somewhere!
> NUT and Blazer version: Network UPS Tools - Megatec/Q1 protocol USB driver
> 0.09 (2.6.5-3780M)
> This at least proves that my previously moody Zigor device _can_ communicate
> nicely with NUT - and one step closer to getting it to work in FreeBSD (with
> its fancy USB stack...) - which is my ultimate aim.
> I attach the output from running the blazer_usb.exe command in debug mode,
> with a very similar ups.conf that I had been using on FreeBSD, thus:
> [zigor_ebro_blazer]
>     driver = blazer_usb
>     port = auto
>     desc = "Zigor Ebro 650 USB UPS"
>     subdriver = krauler
>     protocol = megatec
>     langid_fix = 0x409
>     vendorid = 0001
>     productid = 0000
>     bus = bus-0            # This was different for FreeBSD, naturally.
> Aside from the occasional "blazer_status: short reply ... Communications
> with UPS lost: status read failed!" messages (from which it appears to
> recover perfectly well), plus the odd corrupted reply from the device - e.g.
> "read: #Ff .0 2.0 12.00 50.0... blazer_rating: non numerical value [Ff .0]",
> the output seems quite promising!
> Any ideas where I go from here - firstly to iron-out those buggy responses
> from the device and secondly (and where we left it previously), how to get
> FreeBSD to 'talk' libusb-0.1 or else allow FreeBSD (8.2) and NUT to work
> with this USB device?

If you're not interested in input.{voltage, current,
frequency}.nominal and battery.voltage.nominal you could add the
'norating' flag in your ups.conf: doing so the driver won't send to
the UPS the 'F' query, whose answer is causing those messages (i.e.
blazer_rating: non numerical value [Ff .0]).

There's something weird in the reply from the UPS: while it should be
like #nnn.n nnn nnn.n/nn.nn nn.n<cr> (n: 0..9), the input voltage
nominal - i.e. the first token - appears to be 'Ff\u0018.0'.
I see that he has the same UPS and its input.voltage.nominal it's ok.
So, if it's not because of some different configuration in the
ups.conf for the usb quirkiness, maybe it's something os-related.


> Thanks in advance for any guidance in troubleshooting this (possibly not
> very common) configuration.
> Martyn
> London.
> --
> "There are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary and
> those who don't."
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