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Paul O'Rorke paul at tracker-software.com
Thu Sep 19 16:11:02 UTC 2013

So where does this leave things regards Eaton and shut down?  Has anyone 
managed graceful shut down from an Eaton unit with either of the ushhid 
or bcmxcp drivers?

Perhaps I should be coming at this from the other end of the stick.  
What manufactures have the best support in NUT that I can look at and be 
confident I'm likely to have a successful deployment?  Really the only 
deal breaker for me is graceful shut down communications with Debian 
servers and/or an exorbitant price.

Maybe I missed some replies but I'm still not sure if anyone has been 
able to actually do this.

thanks again for the input.

*Paul O'Rorke*

On 9/19/2013 8:32 AM, Luke-Jr wrote:
> On Thursday, September 19, 2013 7:16:23 AM Chris Boot wrote:
>> Eaton actually employs the NUT project lead, Arnaud Quette, so yes it's
>> safe to say someone is working on NUT and the bcmxcp driver.
> If that's the case, I'm hopeful that NUT will gain support for these
> fundamental expectations (mainly battery level/runtime) on Eaton devices, and
> that I will then be very glad to have purchased a unit that
> actively/financially supports the NUT team.
> Luke
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