[Nut-upsuser] Incorrect Values From usbhid-ups

Bill S kenwood0622 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 14:33:28 UTC 2014

On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 10:14 PM, Charles Lepple <clepple at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Apr 4, 2014, at 9:52 PM, Bill S wrote:
>> As an aside, is it possible that using the RS-232  port would produce
>> different results?  I would think both drivers would expect the data
>> to be in the same format so the results would be the same as well but
>> thought I would ask to be sure.
> That's an interesting point. The "powerpanel" driver is marked as experimental, but it doesn't bear any relationship to the HID PDC code. Worth a try.
> Note that some UPSes don't like switching between USB and serial without power-cycling. If you don't get any results from the serial driver, you may need to completely power down the UPS, and pull it from the wall long enough to let some of the power supply capacitors drain.
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> Charles Lepple
> clepple at gmail
Good thought but after trying different cable configurations with a
breakout box without even a hint of success I emailed CyberPower and
asked for a pinout of the serial cable.  After looking at what they
sent me it was obvious that the serial port despite what you might
expect is not really meant for communication at all.  All it does set
a few pins high or low to signal low battery and power out.   Pins 2
and 3 are not even used.   A complete waste of time.  At this point I
don't think I would recommend CyberPower units for any server
application   Their serial communication is serial with no
communication and the provided USB software does not have a web
interface for remote monitoring.   They say the CP1500 is for low mid
to size server use but it really isn't.  It is just for the home
market where it sits next to a Windows PC in the same location as the

Unless someone has another suggestion, my only hope is that sometime
NUT's usbhid-ups gets updated to work with it. I am certainly willing
to do any beta testing.

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