[Nut-upsuser] Tripplite UPS (SU10KRT3/1X) through snmp-ups (nut 2.6.5)

Charles Lepple clepple at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 14:10:25 UTC 2014

On Feb 12, 2014, at 3:57 AM, Иши Кылса wrote:

> Thanks, now I started getting messages from the list.
> As you advised, I renamed the mib file NETCARD.mib to Tripplite and ran command  

No need to rename the MIB file. The "-n" name is what ./gen-snmp-subdriver.sh uses for its C output files. What is important is that snmpget/snmpwalk can find the MIB (and your snmpget results confirm this).

I apologize for changing my mind once again, but since there does not seem to be anything specific to Tripp Lite in that MIB file (since they appear to have contracted out to Phoenixtec Power Co.), how about using "-n XPPC" to match the output of snmpget?

> ./gen-snmp-subdriver.sh -H -c public -n Tripplite
> Here is what it says:
> snmp_build: unknown failuresnmpget: Error building ASN.1 representation (Can't build OID for variable)
> COUNT = 0 / 0
> Creating tripplite-mib.h
> Creating tripplite-mib.c
> Done.
> The output files are attached, but I think it is not succeeding to create the subdriver, as tripplite-mib.c contains very few code and doesn't seem to have necessary code.
> I tried the "mode 1", since the "mode 2" wasn't really working for me: when I run command 
> snmpwalk -On -c public .
> It says:
> snmpwalk: Timeout (msgGlobalData header type A2: s/b 30)

Can you try adding "-v 1" to the snmpwalk command? If that works, we can add it to gen-snmp-subdriver.sh.

> But snmpget of a certain parameter works fine and we are currently able to monitor it through Zabbix's snmp:
> snmpget -v 1 -c public .
> Output shows the correct value of status:
> XPPC-MIB::upsBaseOutputStatus.0 = INTEGER: onLine(2)
> If it is possible for you, could you please run it from your pc in "mode 2" that doesn't require direct access to device (mib file is attached)?

The important part of "mode 2" is to have the output of snmpwalk. It is possible to query each OID, and manually build the *-mib.c files, but if we can get snmpwalk to work, that would be easier.

If not, the important OIDs are:


Other useful diagnostic OIDs are:


(Ideally we would include everything the UPS offers, but this should be enough for basic monitoring and shutdown.)

Reference: http://www.oidview.com/mibs/935/XPPC-MIB.html

Charles Lepple
clepple at gmail

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