[Nut-upsuser] Add general UPS SNMP agent as a nut client

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 21:45:23 UTC 2014

2014-02-16 8:31 GMT+01:00 <alf at i100.no>:

> Hi

Hi Alf,

> One idea I've had for some time, but unfortunately not had time to
> implement, is to add a general SNMP agent, which will work with all UPSes
> supported by nut.
> The idea is to have the SNMP agent use the "nut API" to fetch values from
> the UPS.
> So the SNMP agent will be similar to the "upsc" utility.
> Whenever the SNMP agent is queried for information, it will use the nut
> API to get hold of the data.
> We will just need to take for example the Eaton MIB file, and map each
> SNMP OID to the corresponding value as exposed by "upsc".
> The background for wanting this, is that I am using a Eaton ConnectUPS-BD
> WEB/SNMP card, and exposing the data as SNMP, and using OpenNms, I "out of
> the box" get nice graphing of voltage levels and power usage.
> I really like that functionality and graphing.
> The setup is working fine by me, but by implementing such a SNMP agent,
> every user of nut could get the same functionality, and would not be
> requiring special hardware for doing so.
> OpenNms can easliy generate graphs etc based on the SNMP MIB file that is
> part of nut for Eaton UPSes. I think Cacti and other such tools should also
> be easy to set up.
> I've written a bit about my setup here :
> http://www.kanonbra.com/index.php/projects/snmpnms/27-monitoring-eaton-9130-ups-in-opennms
> The question is really if other people would also like to have SNMP
> "monitoring" support for their UPSes ?
> Adding support for SNMP traps might be harder, but I noticed some email
> one the mailing list today that there is already ideas for adding SNMP
> traps generally.

Reviving a bit the archives (clouds of dust floating around...)
Here is my first and now 10 years old attempt:
Native C and Net SNMP libs...

And more recently: https://github.com/luizluca/nut-snmpagent
Ruby this time, from Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca.

That made me realize that it's still not referenced on the NUT Related
Projects page.
(yup Charles, yet another unshared thing...)
This last point is now fixed:

and the website updated, with a news entry.

All my apologies to the author, Luiz!
If you're still open and motivated in working with me on this topic, I've
finally gone through this 2 years time-warp... and hopefully back.

NUT (Network UPS Tools) Project Leader - http://www.networkupstools.org
Debian Developer - http://www.debian.org
Free Software Developer - http://arnaud.quette.fr
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