[Nut-upsuser] NUT + OpenBSD + dc2500cc + APC Smart-UPS SC620 = problem

Stuart Henderson stu at spacehopper.org
Wed May 7 23:43:25 UTC 2014

On 2014-05-03, Kastus Shchuka <ks-nut at tprfct.net> wrote:
> I guess there is something wrong with serial ports on d2500cc, or
> maybe I am not using them correctly. There are 4 ports on the board, 2
> with DB9 connectors on the back and 2 on the board itself. By default,
> port numbering starts from the headless ones, so DB9s are com3 and com4.
> There is a special setting in BIOS which swaps headless ports with DB9s,
> making DB9s com1 and com2. I tried all combinations without any luck.
> What is strange is that OpenBSD kernel detects 2 ports only, not 4, so I
> do not exclude a problem with OpenBSD kernel driver.

For ISA serial ports, OpenBSD only does static configuration,
by default it looks at the following addresses/irqs:

com0    at isa? port 0x3f8 irq 4        # standard PC serial ports
com1    at isa? port 0x2f8 irq 3
com2    at isa? port 0x3e8 irq 5

and this is compiled-in but disabled by default:

com3    at isa? disable port 0x2e8 irq 9 # (conflicts with some video cards)

addresses/irqs can be edited in a kernel on disk with "config -ef /bsd",
see config(8) for a bit more information, at boot time - "boot -c" takes you
into the same editor as config(8) - or by compiling a custom kernel.
Though, all things being equal, if the ports use different settings than
these defaults, I'd probably try to adjust the BIOS to match what the OS

If you don't get any further this way, try asking on an OpenBSD list
(include dmesg output)..

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