[Nut-upsuser] Tripp Lite SMART3000RM2U (protocol 3003) running time and charge?

Stefan Bruda stefan at bruda.ca
Sat May 24 21:49:09 UTC 2014


At 09:24 -0400 on 2014-5-23 Charles Lepple wrote:
 > See attached. Still doesn't have the writable V_interval values,
 > but I probably won't have time to test that until later.

Thank you for the patch.

 > Don't worry about the battery physical properties for now - the
 > problem there is that we don't have enough information from the UPS
 > to do a proper calculation. With the V_interval[] settings, you can
 > tweak the new state-of-charge calculation to match what you see via
 > upsc when the battery is fully charged, so that's better than
 > nothing.

Yes, the V_interval[] being exposed is a very good idea and does seem
the only sensible workaround.

 > > In case it matters by the way this is all happening on a box running
 > > kernel version 3.12.13 with Gentoo patches.  The NUT I am playing with
 > > is the stock Gentoo unstable variety, meaning version 2.7.1 with some
 > > Gentoo patching on top.
 > Thanks, that is a useful data point. Does Gentoo have an easy way
 > (short of installing the whole OS) to see what those patches are?

Sure.  Gentoo is a port-based, source distribution, so the patches are
in the local Portage tree (code word for the collection of ports, or
ebuilds as they are actually called in Gentoo;-) ).  I am attaching
the complete ebuild to this message (I am sure that the files are also
available somewhere on the Web but I never looked since I already have
them locally so I don't know where).  Note that I renamed the
directory from nut to nut-gentoo to eliminate any possible confusion.

I am using nut-2.7.1.ebuild (latest available).  Most of the content
is irrelevant to you -- in fact I believe that the only useful
information would be the Gentoo patches which for 2.7.1 appear to be:


(they are all applied to 2.7.1 despite their names).

 > Gentoo would be a good addition to the NUT Buildbot, but the build
 > farm hardware is somewhat memory-constrained at the moment.

No worries, there is nothing to build for Gentoo...

In any event, thank you very much for the assistance.  The current
incarnation of nut works substantially better on my system.  I would
also be more than happy to help in the future so drop me a line as

Best regards,

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