[Nut-upsuser] Master Works, Slave Does Not

Steve Read sd_read at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 8 16:51:41 UTC 2014

Thank you for that clarification. What makes it more confusing for me is that I chose the backup server to monitor the ups which means my "backup" is the master and my "server" is the client. And then IP wise my master is .7 and the client is .6 which sometimes messes me up. 
Not sure if you are interested but I believe you helped me out the first time as your name is familiar. It would have been around 2007 which is when I transitioned from NT 4.0 to the Linux world.
Were you involved back then?
As I recall, I had troubles then and you helped me get it running but to be honest I never fully understood it and once it was running didn't need to even think about it as it has been running flawlessly since then.
Hence why I simply copied those parameters over to the new servers.
Also, I am using a home-made UPS which has been running since my first server which was Win95 then NT. 
My UPS provides a simple low bat and AC present signalling and uses a standard adapter to charge an old car battery and a DC-AC inverter. This along with Nut has provided me all these years with no data loss. 
And at a cheap cost as I use old batteries from the car which still have enough life to provide many hours of run time.
Anyway, I plan to look into this later on.

Thank you - Steve

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Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2014 11:00:39 -0500
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On Nov 8, 2014, at 10:34 AM, Steve Read <sd_read at hotmail.com> wrote:
Thank you Charles, I am hoping fiddle with that sometime today or tomorrow.
But I have another question, when you ask me to modify various files I am confused as to weather you mean on the server, client or both?
So in your statement:
"Instead, you want to listen on the wildcard address, so you will want to add "LISTEN" to /etc/nut/upsd.conf. After restarting NUT, netstat should look like this:"
I think you mean the client?
Sorry if I didn't use consistent terminology, but starting from the standard TCP client/server definitions, NUT's upsd is the server process, running on the NUT master machine, and it listens on TCP port 3493. It is configured via upsd.conf.
The NUT upsmon process runs on the master as well as the slave, and it is a TCP client to upsd. Your previous upsmon.conf files should work (assuming the passwords match that of upsd.users on the master).
Put another way, with one UPS, one master, and one or more slaves, there is only one driver and one upsd on the master host. The slaves, therefore, do not need upsd.conf or the driver configuration file ups.conf, since they connect to the upsd process running on the master, and upsd distributes that information over the network.
I think part of the confusion is that the master/slave and server/client terms are not exactly synonymous, due to the usual need for the NUT master machine to shut down itself as well as the slave.

-- Charles Leppleclepple at gmail

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