[Nut-upsuser] Belkin usp startup

Gene Heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Tue Oct 14 18:51:03 UTC 2014

Hi Charles;

I think its not working yet even though I seem to be getting only one 
error, but I cannot seem to get upsmon to output the current ups status.

So, since I cannot find any manpages (is that a separate package, if so I 
did not see it in the repo.)

about the only error I can get out of it is that it is not listening on 
localhost:3493.  Yet that is specified in the conf files:

ene at coyote:/etc/nut$ sudo grep localhost *
hosts.conf:MONITOR myups at localhost "Local UPS"
upsd.conf:# This defaults to the localhost listening address and port 
3493.  You
upsd.users:# MONITOR myups at localhost 1 upsmon pass master	(or slave)
upsmon.conf:# like ups at localhost, su700 at mybox, etc.

upsmon.conf:MONITOR myups at localhost 1 gene xxxpassxxxx master

upsmon.conf:# MONITOR myups at localhost 1 upsmon pass master	(or slave)
upssched.conf:#   If a specific UPS (myups at localhost) comes back online, 
then stop the 
upssched.conf:#   AT COMMOK myups at localhost CANCEL-TIMER upsgone
upsstats-single.html:<!-- LINK REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" 
HREF="http://localhost/nut/nut.css" / -->

Is there, someplace in this deb install, a README that helps one to set it 
up correctly?

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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