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On Oct 16, 2014, at 5:20 PM, Michael Stinaff <mstinaff at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just realized that I have ignored an important piece of info that actually started me on this quest.  Thank you for following me through the mud.  Hopefully this will clear a few things up.
> Most if not all of the servers will be ESXi or FreeNAS boxes.  FreeNAS has nut built in and ESXi can have it added in with this great user created VIB http://rene.margar.fr/2012/05/client-nut-pour-esxi-5-0/
> However both can only monitor a single UPS.
> So what I really need (but forgot I needed) is a way to create a virtual UPS that groups two physical UPSes  

I admit I had not considered shutting down via something other than a fully configurable upsmon. You might be able to sneak behind the FreeNAS GUI and manually generate upsmon.conf, but that seems brittle, and I have no idea what the equivalent is for the ESXi add-on.

> Is this what I need? http://www.networkupstools.org/docs/man/dummy-ups.html
> Is there a best practice or standard config for doing this?

Well, it is certainly possible to script up a virtual driver using dummy-ups, but I don't know if anyone is doing that in production.

(Despite the wording of the man page regarding the "meta UPS" concept, the code to combine UPSes into a single virtual UPS is not implemented-- dummy-ups will currently either read from a file, or act as a proxy for another single UPS.)

What you could do is write a script to poll two UPSes, and combine their status. Technically, for a shutdown, you only need to poll "ups.status", and then construct a truth table to map OB+OB to OB, OB+LB to OB (assuming two PSUs) and LB+LB (or LB plus any comms errors) to LB. Then, FreeNAS should be able to shut down based on the dummy-ups status. Again, the Raspberry Pi would probably be capable of this.

> Thank you and sorry for the wild goose chase!
> No ascii diagrams this time.  How about a squirrel?
>  ,;;:;,
>    ;;;;;
>   ,:;;:;    ,'=.
>   ;:;:;' .=" ,'_\
>   ':;:;,/  ,__:=@
>    ';;:;  =./)_
>      `"=\_  )_"`
>           ``'"`

Excellent idea :-)

Charles Lepple
clepple at gmail

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