[Nut-upsuser] nutdrv_qx hangs after send: QS

Richard Flint richard.flint at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 23:19:16 UTC 2015


I am trying to get NUT 2.7.2 working on my Solaris 11.2 system with a
PowerWalker 2000 VI PSW UPS. I have carefully configured the software such
that it 'works' using custom values in the ups.conf file:

driver = nutdrv_qx
port = auto
desc = "my UPS"
protocol = voltronic-qs
subdriver = cypress
vendorid = 0665
productid = 5161

The problem I'm experiencing is that after a random amount of time, usually
a few mins, the driver stops providing data and the and the application
complains the data is "stale".

More extensive debugging by running the driver sudo ./nutdrv_qx -u root -a
MY_UPS -DDDDDD indicates the driver works normally then will randomly stop
working at stop "send: QS". The debug logs show values successfully
retrieved repeatedly until something like:
Quick update...
send: QS
read: (247.9 239.1 248.0 005 50.0 27.5 --.- 00001001
update_status: OL
update_status: !LB
update_status: !CAL
update_status: !FSD
Quick update...
send: QS
(driver hangs here)

I'm using Generic Q* USB/Serial driver 0.06 (2.7.2) with USB communication
driver 0.32. Playing with pollinterval didn't help - Is there anything
further I can do to help troubleshoot this problem?

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