[Nut-upsuser] Need help with Tripp Lite SMART1300LCDT NUT v2.7.3

johnny at mobiusfx.com johnny at mobiusfx.com
Mon Aug 31 17:29:12 UTC 2015

Just got back from vacation. A few things:

* please don't use your yahoo.com email address to post to the NUT  
list. As of ~April 2014, Yahoo's spam policies are no longer  
compatible with mailing lists. Nobody with a gmail/hotmail address  
(other than people on the To/CC lines) will receive it, and  
eventually, the gmail/hotmail users will get kicked off the list.) I  
don't want my Inbox flooded again with over a hundred  
bounce/unsubscribe messages. You can use your Yahoo address to sign up  
for GitHub, and create an issue there - it will allow the same sort of  
discussion, but the emails come from github rather than yahoo, so we  
don't have the same problem. I also don't like doing "private  
consulting" for free. Keeping the discussion on the mailing lists (or  
on GitHub) ensures that other people can search for the answers there.

Ok I will start using this email address other than gmail/Hotmail/yahoo lol

* I was recommending using a Linux live CD rather than FreeBSD because  
Tripp Lite supposedly supports a few Linux distributions, and if your  
UPS is somehow not talking to Linux, it might be a bad firmware  
version or other issue covered by the warranty. I'm not suggesting  
switching to Linux permanently, just boot from the live CD and  
configure NUT on Linux so you can rule out any potential  
Linux-vs-FreeBSD issues.

ohhh I thought you meant try using FREEBSD Live CD.  As for TripLite,  
they "supporting" two variants.  OpenSUSE and Fedora, but ollldddd  
versions  Fedora 8 and OpenSUSE 11.  Plus they provide their own  
software(?)  It's call PowerAlert Local (PAL)

* if you still want to test on FreeBSD, I'm not sure what this will  
definitively tell us that we don't already know. With pkg_add, it will  
probably be NUT v2.7.2, and I don't really want to debug an older  
version of NUT. You could build from source, but that will be more  
time-consuming, and we should rule out the other hardware variables  

yeah if I have to compile the source on my own, it might take a while  
on FreeBSD.  I wasn't able to pull the pkg anyway... it error out  
(can't remember the error)


- Charles Lepple

On Aug 26, 2015, at 4:09 AM, Johnny Wong <e430benz98 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Ok!  I finally go the Ethernet going... Is there a specific way you  
want me to install the NUT package?  I was just going to use pkg_add  
-r nut

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