[Nut-upsuser] Cannot access Patriot Pro II from new system

Olav Seyfarth olav at seyfarth.de
Wed Dec 2 17:59:54 UTC 2015

Dear list members,

I'd like to setup my UPS in a way that it only shuts the server
(including 5 VMs down if really necessary). We do have a rather stable
power supply here, but there are multiple 200ms outages within a year
and there also have been some that lasted more than half an hour. So:
since the shudown is rather quick, I'd ideally set it to "shut down when
only 20% battery left" (which should give at least five minutes power
left, shutdown takes far less than one minute). BUT:

I'm not sure if what I did should suffice. I followed the manual
But I may not have understand it properly. If I interpret it correctly,
the following upsmon.conf would be sufficient to monitor and to initiate
a system shutdown. Or is it *necessary* to setup the NOTIFYMSG and

MONITOR Best_Power_Patriot_Pro_750 at localhost 1 upsmon SOMESECRET master
SHUTDOWNCMD "/sbin/shutdown -h +0"
POWERDOWNFLAG /etc/killpower

I am unsure since I found that another UPS
seems to feature a power threshold ...

> # upsc eaton at localhost
> battery.charge: 89
> *battery.charge.low: 20*
> ...

... but mine does not:

> # upsc Best_Power_Patriot_Pro_750
> Init SSL without certificate database
> battery.charge: 100.0
> battery.voltage: 27.5
> battery.voltage.nominal: 24
> device.mfr: Best Power
> device.model: Patriot Pro 750
> device.type: ups
> driver.name: bestups
> driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
> driver.parameter.port: /dev/ttyS0
> driver.version: 2.7.2
> driver.version.internal: 1.06
> input.frequency: 50.0
> input.voltage: 231.1
> input.voltage.nominal: 230
> output.voltage: 231.1
> output.voltage.nominal: 230
> ups.load: 000
> ups.mfr: Best Power
> ups.model: Patriot Pro 750
> ups.status: OL

So I wonder whether it triggers (at which point? when totally depleted?)
IN TIME to enable a clean shutdown.

Could someone please point me to where (or what for) to look to
configure that? Or is it not necessary? Or is my UPS not capable of
triggering based on power left and I must use a time based setup (sleep
in notifycmd) shown in this
article? Or should I really have a script as complicated as in this
[http://rogerprice.org/NUT.html] article? I really wan to keep things as
simple as possible...

The next thing is, that it seems to be necessary to tweak shutdown
procedures. I'm on jessie, does anyone know where the debian maintainer
EXPECTS me to do so? (Or don't I have to?)

I really would like to understand things that are necessary for a
MINIMAL solution using my hardware. Any links, hints or help appreciated!


P.S.: Yes, ups load is correct, it's still connected via serial cable ONLY.

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