[Nut-upsuser] Data stale error after short while

Mike Raath raathm at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 19:43:34 UTC 2015

Hi Charles, and thanks for your suggestion.

I tried the nutdrv_qx and moved the rules file like you said, and
re-attached the USB. It picked up to begin with, but within 10 minutes it
lost the device again.

$ sudo upsdrvctl start

Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.7.1

Network UPS Tools - Generic Q* USB/Serial driver 0.01 (2.7.1)

USB communication driver 0.32

Using protocol: Megatec 0.01

No values for battery high/low voltages

Using 'guesstimation' (low: 10.400000, high: 13.000000)!

Battery runtime will not be calculated (runtimecal not set)

After reboot:

$ upsc apollo-ups at localhost

Init SSL without certificate database

battery.charge: 100

battery.voltage: 13.50

battery.voltage.high: 13.00

battery.voltage.low: 10.40

battery.voltage.nominal: 12.0

device.type: ups

driver.name: nutdrv_qx

driver.parameter.pollfreq: 30

driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2

driver.parameter.port: auto

driver.version: 2.7.1

driver.version.data: Megatec 0.01

driver.version.internal: 0.01

input.current.nominal: 3.0

input.frequency: 50.0

Then roughly 10 minutes later

Broadcast Message from nut at ubun

        (somewhere) at 21:35 ...

Communications with UPS apollo-ups at localhost lost

$ upsc apollo-ups at localhost

Init SSL without certificate database

Error: Data stale

Not sure what other logs I can provide to try to troubleshoot this?


On 2 January 2015 at 21:04, Charles Lepple <clepple at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Jan 2, 2015, at 1:07 PM, Mike Raath <raathm at gmail.com> wrote:
> I built a single VM to monitor the UPS (Ubuntu Server 14.04 i386) and
> installed NUT on the box from the apt packages. I set it up as per the
> previous box with the blazer_usb driver and all goes well, for a while.
> Initially, the UPS reports correctly via upsc, but after a while I get the
> "Data stale" error, and the box is no longer recognised.
> This same UPS?
> http://news.gmane.org/find-root.php?message_id=CA%2b%3d8wNMxFBYkT75aw2jePfA%2bLaKuNXuvDKvYG3t9B8D%2bChPwfQ%40mail.gmail.com
> <http://news.gmane.org/find-root.php?message_id=CA+=8wNMxFBYkT75aw2jePfA+LaKuNXuvDKvYG3t9B8D+ChPwfQ@mail.gmail.com>
> It looks like Ubuntu 14.04 has NUT 2.7.1, so the nutdrv_qx driver is
> available. It is a replacement for the blazer_* drivers, and should be a
> superset of the blazer_usb functionality. I would recommend switching, as
> there shouldn't be many changes necessary:
> http://www.networkupstools.org/docs/man/nutdrv_qx.html#_notes_for_the_previous_user_of_blazer_drivers
> It also looks like the Ubuntu 14.04 package still is affected by a
> udev-related bug:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nut/+bug/1099947/comments/4 If
> you rename the 52-nut-usbups.rules file to 62-nut-usbups.rules as
> indicated in that URL, and unplug and re-plug in the USB cable (or run
> "udevadm trigger -- subsystem-match=usb"), subsequent driver runs should
> find the USB device.
> --
> Charles Lepple
> clepple at gmail
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