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On Jan 21, 2015, at 3:41 AM, Maurizio Iacaruso <maurizio.iacaruso at gmail.com> wrote:

> The “device” is this http://www.dlink.com/it/it/business-solutions/network-storage/network-video-recorders/dnr-322l-cloud-network-video-recorder  , a NVR with USB port for monitoring UPS. It doesn’t support monitoring by LAN.
> So, my aim is to “replicate” the state of the UPS, in the sense that the information are sent to raspberry (for NUT) AND to NVR, so it may shutdown properly.

It is not a simple matter to replicate the UPS state, in that sense. In general, UPS monitoring ports cannot be "shared" by two devices (although some high-end UPSes have more than one serial port for that purpose).

This is why NUT has 'upsd'. In the following diagram, "communication" is the USB link between the UPS and the Raspberry Pi (or the NVR). Either the Raspberry Pi has to share the UPS status through something like upsd (or something similar, like apcupsd's NIS master mode), or the NVR has to send the shutdown signal to the Raspberry Pi.


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