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Tue Jul 28 10:45:07 UTC 2015

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I’ve not been able to solve some issues regarding the communication between a NUT Server running the MACOSX-UPS driver and the NUT clients on networked NAS’es.

NUT Software installed on a Macmini running OSX Yosemite has managed to shutdown the networked devices, a Readynas and a Synology NAS, being all devices powered by the same UPS.

Network setup:

Network UPS Management Software:
NUT ver 2.7.3, installed via Fink Commander in Mac mini.
Driver: MACOSX-UPS Ver 1.1

Macmini running NUT Server connected via USB to the UPS:
Model Name:	Mac mini mid 2011
System Version:	OS X 10.10.4 (14E46)
  Kernel Version:	Darwin 14.4.0

APC Back-UPS 550 BE550G

NAS #1:
Model: Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ v1 [X-RAID]
Firmware: RAIDiator 4.1.14 [1.00a043] 
Memory: 1024 MB [2.5-3-3-7]

NAS #2:
Model name: Synology DS211j
DSM version: DSM 5.2-5592 Update 1

NUT Terminal commands and output:
A-Mac-mini:~ admmacmini$ sudo /sw/sbin/upsdrvctl start
Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.7.3
Network UPS Tools - Mac OS X UPS meta-driver 1.1 (2.7.3)
Warning: This is an experimental driver.
Some features may not function correctly.

kill: No such process
A-Mac-mini:~ admmacmini$ sudo /sw/sbin/upsd
Network UPS Tools upsd 2.7.3
kill: No such process
/sw/etc/nut/upsd.conf is world readable
listening on port 3493
listening on port 3493
/sw/var/run/ups is world readable
Connected to UPS [ups]: macosx-ups-ups
/sw/etc/nut/upsd.users is world readable
A-Mac-mini:~ admmacmini$ upsc ups
battery.charge: 42
battery.runtime: 180
battery.voltage: 13.010
device.mfr: (unknown)
device.model: Back-UPS ES 550 FW:843.K2 .D USB FW:K2
device.type: ups
driver.name: macosx-ups
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
driver.parameter.port: auto
driver.parameter.synchronous: no
driver.version: 2.7.3
driver.version.internal: 1.1
ups.status: OL CHRG
A-Mac-mini:~ admmacmini$ 

1.- The two NAS’es performed a shutdown after UPS power loss. Main objective accomplished.

2.- The Readynas acknowledges partial connection to the UPS server, the following messages can be read:

a.- Frontview Health Report
See fig ‘A"

b.- Frontview Log
See fig “B"

3.- The Synology inconsistently acknowledges connection to the UPS server , the following messages can be read:

a.- Control Panel UPS setup menu
See fig “C"

b.- Logs Report
See fig “D"

4.- Although the communication problem between the UPS server and the NAS’es NUT clients has not been solved, it doesn’t affect the main function, which is to shutdown the NAS’es during a power loss of the UPS.

I’ll appreciate any help in setting up the NUT server configuration to improve the communication between the clients and the server.


Adolfo Yanes

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