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To your comments:

1.- Can you try 'upsc ups at <mailto:ups at>' from another system on the network?
I’ve just one computer in the network, it’s my home's network. However, I can do the following:
	a.- Turn-off the Macmini’s firewall. (Note: I’ve already added “upsd" to the OSX Firewall's exceptions, otherwise nothing works)
	b.- Test WinNut running in a Windows XP VM in Parallels, with its own IP address. (Already tested, it works with Firewall “on”)
	c.- Setup a FreeBSD VM in Parallels, with its own IP address, to run a NUT client. It’ll take some more time than a) and b).

2.- ReadyNAs and Synology connection issues. 
You’re right, the messages are not coming directly from the NUT Server but the from the Nas’es NUT implementation. The NAS’es messages are inconsistent, at the same time, one screen reports "Server Connection OK" and another screen reports "No Server Connection" or "Server Connection with errors”. That is the reason that I presume a “partial” or incomplete communication between the client and the server.

My hypothesis is that the NAS’es NUT client is expecting to get some information from the NUT Server, that it’s not getting. The problem could be caused by the NAS'es NUT client and/or by the NUT UPS server running the MACOSX-UPS driver.

I’m expecting that the FreeBSD VM test will result in some information that will help understand the communications problem's origin, it’ll allow to:
	a.- Test a FreeBSD VM NUT client connection to the Macmini’s NUT Server. 'upsc ups at <mailto:ups at>'
	b.- Test the NAS’es client connection to a FreeBSD VM NUT Server, having a "real" UPS device connected to the VM’s USB port.

Before contacting Synology and Netgear/Readynas, I’d prefer to make sure that the NUT UPS Server has been setup correctly and that the “experimental” MACOSX-UPS driver is equivalent to a standard “usb” driver in terms of server/client communications.

It’ll be a later matter, to workout some issues regarding the different (hardcoded) NAS’es NUT client configurations, like different ups name, same user name and different password. Those issues have not impaired the main function of shutting down the NAS’es and do not seem to cause the communications issue, because modifying the NUT server configuration to match the NAS’es particular configuration does not result in different messages shown in the NAS’es console.

A “upsd -DD” output makes me think that the UPS client “login" to the UPS server is not “necessary” for the client to shutdown, it seems that the client just needs to get “connected” to the server in order for the client to monitor the NUT UPS server’s “upsd”. Therefore, username and password matching doesn’t seem to be a “necessary” condition.
Regarding the ups name, I’m not sure if “ups name” matching is “necessary” or if just “ip address” matching is “enough” to establish the client/server communication, get "connected”.
The latter, “ip address” matching, would be the most convenient way for the server to grant communication to the client because it’s configurable in both NAS’es.

Due to the NAS’es hardcoded configurations and constant firmware updates, those configuration issues seem to be much more difficult and less effective to be handled on the NAS’es side, therefore working on the NUT UPS server side to handle those issues would be much more effective.

I expect to have the FreeBSD VM test’s results in a couple weeks. 

Thank you.

Adolfo Yanes

> On Jul 28, 2015, at 6:56 AM, Charles Lepple <clepple at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I’ve not been able to solve some issues regarding the communication between a NUT Server running the MACOSX-UPS driver and the NUT clients on networked NAS’es.
>> NUT Software installed on a Macmini running OSX Yosemite has managed to shutdown the networked devices, a Readynas and a Synology NAS, being all devices powered by the same UPS.
>> Network setup:
>> Network UPS Management Software:
>> NUT ver 2.7.3, installed via Fink Commander in Mac mini.
>> Driver: MACOSX-UPS Ver 1.1
>> Macmini running NUT Server connected via USB to the UPS:
>> Model Name:	Mac mini mid 2011
>> System Version:	OS X 10.10.4 (14E46)
>>   Kernel Version:	Darwin 14.4.0
>> UPS:
>> APC Back-UPS 550 BE550G
>> NAS #1:
>> Model: Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ v1 [X-RAID]
>> Firmware: RAIDiator 4.1.14 [1.00a043] 
>> Memory: 1024 MB [2.5-3-3-7]
>> NAS #2:
>> Model name: Synology DS211j
>> DSM version: DSM 5.2-5592 Update 1
>> NUT Terminal commands and output:
>> A-Mac-mini:~ admmacmini$ sudo /sw/sbin/upsdrvctl start
>> Password:
>> Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.7.3
>> Network UPS Tools - Mac OS X UPS meta-driver 1.1 (2.7.3)
>> Warning: This is an experimental driver.
>> Some features may not function correctly.
>> kill: No such process
>> A-Mac-mini:~ admmacmini$ sudo /sw/sbin/upsd
>> Network UPS Tools upsd 2.7.3
>> kill: No such process
>> /sw/etc/nut/upsd.conf is world readable
>> listening on port 3493
>> listening on port 3493
>> /sw/var/run/ups is world readable
>> Connected to UPS [ups]: macosx-ups-ups
>> /sw/etc/nut/upsd.users is world readable
>> A-Mac-mini:~ admmacmini$ upsc ups
> Can you try 'upsc ups at <mailto:ups at>' from another system on the network? This will rule out any firewall issues on the Mac Mini.
>> battery.charge: 42
>> battery.runtime: 180
>> battery.voltage: 13.010
>> device.mfr: (unknown)
>> device.model: Back-UPS ES 550 FW:843.K2 .D USB FW:K2
>> device.type: ups
>> driver.name: macosx-ups
>> driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
>> driver.parameter.port: auto
>> driver.parameter.synchronous: no
>> driver.version: 2.7.3
>> driver.version.internal: 1.1
>> ups.status: OL CHRG
>> A-Mac-mini:~ admmacmini$ 
>> Comments:
>> 1.- The two NAS’es performed a shutdown after UPS power loss. Main objective accomplished.
>> 2.- The Readynas acknowledges partial connection to the UPS server, the following messages can be read:
>> a.- Frontview Health Report
>> See fig ‘A"
>> b.- Frontview Log
>> See fig “B"
> Not sure what you mean by "partial connection". The original screenshot in Fig. A said "Remote Error, Battery charge: 42%, 3 minutes / Out of Spec", and Fig B. said "UPS is on Battery Power / Communication with UPS OK". The text in Fig. A is not coming directly from NUT, so it is unclear what the issue is - you may want to check the Synology documentation, or ask their support group. (A battery.runtime value of 180 (3 minutes) seems short, but that's all I can think of.)
>> 3.- The Synology inconsistently acknowledges connection to the UPS server , the following messages can be read:
>> a.- Control Panel UPS setup menu
>> See fig “C"
> "Information: Cannot connect to the network UPS server"
> See comments above regarding 'upsc'.
>> b.- Logs Report
>> See fig “D"
> Those log messages are also not generated by NUT.
>> 4.- Although the communication problem between the UPS server and the NAS’es NUT clients has not been solved, it doesn’t affect the main function, which is to shutdown the NAS’es during a power loss of the UPS.
>> I’ll appreciate any help in setting up the NUT server configuration to improve the communication between the clients and the server.
>> Thanks,
>> Adolfo Yanes
> -- 
> Charles Lepple
> clepple at gmail

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