[Nut-upsuser] Contact-closure UPS

Róbert SZAKSZ robert at szaksz.eu
Mon Nov 16 13:24:27 UTC 2015


I have one UPS Infosec XP Pro 2500 RM and it works with windows sw RUPS2000.
Now I want to install this UPS as virtual server on vmware ESXi vMA - (SUSE SLES 11SP2 linux).
On this linux I have NUT 2.6.0 and I stopped now with configuration of genericups driver.

Working cable (direct cable pin1-pin1 ... pin9-pin9) connection on Windows:

PIN   |    PC   |  UPS
Pin1  |   DCD   |  described as DTR (must keep Hi)
Pin2  |   RxD   |  AC Power fail (NO, connected to pin4 UPS ground in case of AC failure)
Pin3  |   TxD   |  N/A
Pin4  |   DTR   |  UPS ground
Pin5  |   GND   |  Battery low (NO, connected to pin4 UPS ground in case of LB)
Pin6  |   DSR   |  1. described as UPS RxD and    2. 3 seconds Hi (UPS shutdown)
Pin7  |   RTS   |  UPS ground
Pin8  |   CTS   |  N/A
Pin9  |   RI    |  described as UPS TxD

And the question is, how to configure CP[???], OL[???], LB[???], SD[???]?
No one from predefined 21 types worked for me.

Thank for help,
Robert SZAKSZ.

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